What can I Salary Package?

Your Salary Packaging options depend on your employer

Not all employers offer the same employee benefits in their Salary Packaging scheme and the maximum amount of pre-tax salary you can use will depend on your employer’s industry. Generally those organisations exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) will offer a wider range of items.

The main FBT concessions apply to not for profit organisations, but there are some concessions that apply to certain benefits or locations. FBT concessions can include:

  • FBT exemption – up to a maximum amount
  • FBT rebate –  a reduction on the amount of FBT that needs to be paid
  • Car parking concessions
  • Remote area concessions

There’s a range of benefits that can be included in Salary Packaging

Below are typical benefits offered by many employers as part of their Salary Packaging scheme. However, the range of benefits offered can vary by employer. To understand the options available to you, contact your employer or call us now.

Item Charity Health Education


General expenses (mortage, loan, school fees, etc) table-tick table-tick table-tick table-cross
Solutions Card table-tick table-tick table-tick table-cross
Entertainment Card table-tick table-tick table-tick table-cross
Accommodation & Venue Hire table-tick table-tick table-tick table-cross
Car Parking table-tick table-tick table-tick table-cross
Portable Devices table-tick table-tick table-tick table-tick
Airline lounge membership table-tick table-tick table-tick table-cross
Car payments and running costs table-tick table-tick table-tick table-tick
Work related expenses table-tick table-tick table-tick table-tick

If you want to understand a bit more about these benefits and what they include before you decide which ones are right for you, see available benefits to find out more.

Your Salary Packaging limit depends on where you work

The maximum amount you can contribute from your pre-tax salary (this is known as the ‘FBT limit, cap or threshold’) depends on the type of employer you work for. You will pay Fringe Benefits Tax on any amount over this limit. The limits are set by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and are annual limits each Fringe Benefits Tax year (1 April to 31 March). They are based on the tax status of your employer and the industry they operate in. Even if you join an employer who offers Salary Packaging part way through the FBT year, you are eligible to the full limit for that year.

The current limits are:

Salary packaging limits

If you’re not sure of your employer’s status, check with your employer or all our Customer Service team on 1800 680 180. They’ll be happy to help.

Package a car with a Novated Lease

Package a vehicle with a novated lease

A Novated Lease is the most tax-effective way to purchase your next car, and you can include both the cost of finance and most running costs in your pre-tax payments. Even if you’re already Salary Packaging to your full limit, you can save thousands with a Novated Lease as you also save GST on both the purchase price of a new car and most of the running costs. Doesn’t it make sense to consider a Novated Lease for your next car?

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