Entertainment Benefits

Entertainment benefits include meals, holiday accommodation and venue hire. A tax-free limit of $2,550 each FBT year is available for these benefits. This limit is on top of the general tax-free limit for salary packaging.

RACV Entertainment BenefitsThe Entertainment Card

The Entertainment Card works in a similar way to the Solutions Card. Money is transferred to your card each pay and is then available for you to spend anywhere in the world where the VISA sign is displayed.

Unlike the Solutions Card, where you can choose the type of purchase you want to make, this money has to be spent on dining out. Simply use it like any other VISA card when you’re paying for your meal.

What can I use my card for?

You can use your card for food at restaurants, cafés, hotels, take away outlets with a dine-in facility or provided by a caterer (such as wedding receptions/parties). Drinks are included as long as they are provided with the meal.

To comply with Fringe Benefits Tax legislation, your card cannot be used for:

  • drinks if you’re not paying for a meal at the same time
  • paying tips
  • buying theme park, cinema, concert or sporting event tickets
  • taking out cash advances
  • making BPay payments

How do I know how much money is available on my card?

Log in to your RACV Salary Solutions account and you can view your account balance and transaction statements online or you can have your statements emailed to you. You can also access the balance of your account and your last 10 transactions by calling ANZ on 1800 614 741, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Venue Hire and Holiday Accommodation

You may also be eligible to Salary Package the cost of your holiday accommodation or venue hire for a special event and the accommodation or venue hire doesn’t have to be business-related either. Whether you’re travelling locally or overseas, you can pay for the cost of your holiday accommodation using your pre-tax dollars. You can also pay for the cost of venue hire for an event or social occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary. The celebration could be for yourself, your spouse or for your children.

You cannot claim food and beverages under this item.

Like to know more?

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