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With most businesses, tax has already been taken out when you receive your pay. But if you work for an organisation that offers Salary Packaging, you can use some of your salary to pay for everyday expenses first. Your tax is then calculated on the remaining amount, meaning you pay less tax and have more of your salary available to you.

It’s easy to get started

  1. Simply decide how much of your pre-tax salary you want to use (there are maximum limits you can contribute, depending on the type of employer you work for).
  2. Nominate the items you want to use your money for (we can help you with that if you’re not sure).
  3. We advise your employer, who then deducts this money before you receive your pay and sends it to us.
  4. We use this money to pay for the things you have included in your Salary Packaging. This might be your mortgage or rent, your bills or even your credit card. If you prefer the flexibility to spend as you go, we’ll add the money to a Solutions Card.

Salary Packaging is convenient too and an easy way to budget for regular expenses such as your mortgage, bills or even everyday items such as groceries and petrol.
If your employer offers Salary Packaging, then using your pre-tax salary to pay for your living expenses is a great way to save tax and get more for you.

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