What can I include?

You can include all the costs of buying and running a car

Filling fuelWith a Novated Lease you can include more than the cost of buying your car. You can include all your running costs too.

No more stretching your salary to pay all your bills. A single regular payment covers everything including finance repayments, fuel, insurance and registration. Plus the payment is automatically taken out of your pay so you can set and forget.

Each payment is used to fund your ‘running costs’ budget which we manage for you. You’ll receive a fuel card, so whether fuel costs are high or low, you’ll always have the funds to pay for it. We also arrange your servicing and pay your regular bills such as insurance and registration from this budget too.

Only pay for what you use

We’ll help you establish your annual budget based on the type of car you have and the number of kilometres you travel each year. Your budget is flexible, so it can be changed during your lease if your circumstances or your travel patterns significantly change.

Your annual budget can include:

Finance Finance Servicing Servicing
 Registration Registration  Insurance Insurance
 Tyres Tyres  Fuel Fuel

Save money too

You save GST on most of your running costs, which means a Novated Lease is tax-efficient and cost-effective too. It’s a great way to purchase your next car and save money.

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