Benefits of a Novated Lease

There are lots of ways you can benefit with a Novated Lease

Benefit novated lease

table-tick Your choice of vehicle – Whatever vehicle you choose, it’s yours to use 100% of the time. You can choose any make and model of vehicle to suit your lifestyle and your needs.  There are no restrictions on who can drive your car and your vehicle belongs to you. So if you change jobs, you take your vehicle with you.
table-tick Better car prices – Because we purchase vehicles every day, we can offer great deals on a wide range of makes and models. Saving you money and providing you with the reassurance that you get a good deal, no matter which car you choose.
table-tick Tax savings – By paying some of your costs with your pre-tax salary, you are in fact giving up some of your salary.  This meant the amount of salary used to calculate your income tax is lower, so you pay less tax.  Also, the finance company remove the GST from the amount financed, which means your repayments will be lower.
table-tick GST savings – Under a Novated Lease you save GST on the purchase price of a new car.  Plus all finance costs and most of the running costs are exempt from GST.
table-tick Convenient – All you have to do is decide which car you would like and how long you want the lease to last.  We help you work out how much you need to pay to cover the lease payments, your car insurance and rego and all the running costs (this is a mix of pre and post-tax salary).  Then we organise everything for you.  Your lease repayments are fixed for the term of your lease. So, your payments will only change if your travel patterns change.
table-tick Hassle-free – We provide you with a fuel card, so you can top up whenever you need to without worry.  We liaise with the garage when your vehicle is being serviced or repaired and pay the cost of this work from your account, ensuring you receive negotiated discounts and that the costs you pay are in line with manufacturer’s recommendations.  We also deal with the garage on your behalf if there are any issues after your car has been serviced or repaired. We even let you know when your tyres are due to be changed.
table-tick At the end of your lease you have the option to buy your car, refinance by arranging a further lease or sell your car and benefit from any profit you make.  If you do make a profit then this is tax-free too.

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