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A Novated Lease is the most tax efficient way to purchase a car and save money. It’s convenient too. Your lease can include all the costs of your car, including the finance, insurance, registration and running costs. And you don’t need to drive lots of kilometres, earn lots of money or use your car for work to benefit and save.

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You can save thousands of dollars

Novated leasingPaying for your car and running costs with a Novated Lease saves you thousands of dollars. You save when you purchase your new car because you don’t pay the GST, we do. And then you save each year as there’s no GST to pay on most of the running costs. Plus, part of your payment is usually taken from your pre-tax salary, so you pay less income tax too.

Most people take a lease for 3 or 4 years so that means you can save money every year of your lease. Then at the end of your lease you can choose to lease a new car or re-lease your existing car for its new value (this is usually called the residual value) and continue to save. Or you can purchase your existing car and if you then choose to sell it, you keep any profit you make.

You can save time too

Would you like someone to take the hassle out of buying your next car? We can help. We source the car for you, ensuring you benefit from the buying power of a large organisation. And because we have access to a national dealer network, you’re sure to get a great deal.

We also help you set a budget for the ongoing cost of running your car, based on the number of kilometres you estimate you’ll travel each year. This includes your fuel, tyres, service, registration and insurance, so everything is covered. If you’re not sure how much you need, don’t worry. We can help you work it all out, based on the vehicle you choose and the number of kilometres you travel each year.

We provide you with a fuel card so you don’t have to carry cash or credit cards everywhere you go. You simply fill up at your chosen garage and we pay the fuel costs from your annual budget. We also liaise with the garage when your car goes in for a service to make sure you only pay for the things you need – and we take care of the bill too.

But the best thing about a Novated Lease is that even though we manage everything for you, you’re still in control. You can adjust your budget at any time and if you don’t use it all, any remaining amount is returned to you at the end of your lease.

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