Healthcare Sector

Growing demand for healthcare provides significant challenges

Healthcare salary packagingAn ageing population means demand for healthcare services is growing significantly. Keeping up with this demand and attracting the right quality staff is a growing challenge too.

And just like any other industry, there’s stiff competition from other employers in both the public and private sector. With a significant part of this challenge being that many of these employers offer more attractive pay and conditions for similar roles.

An employee benefits program could help

Benefits, such as Salary Packaging, can be an important part of recruiting and retaining staff – especially if you’re in the public health sector. Reducing the tax your employees pay can provide a real boost to their disposable income and help you attract the staff you need.

Benefits can include:

  • up to $9,010 each FBT year (1 April – 31 March) on living expenses
  • a Solutions card – a flexible way to use the tax-free limit as your employees can spend as they go
  • a tax-free limit of up to $2,550 each FBT year on top of the $9,010, to be used for entertainment benefits such as dining out with an Entertainment card
  • a range of additional tax-free benefits depending on the location and needs of your employees
  • a simple, hassle-free way to purchase a car with a Novated Lease

We can help you deliver an attractive program

Managing an employee benefits program can be complex so why not let us take care of everything for you. By choosing RACV Salary Solutions to administer your Employee Benefits program you can offer added value with minimal effort and you don’t pay a thing. We make Salary Packaging simple and take care of everything for you.

Offering your employees benefits such as Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing, together with our customer-focused service and streamlined processes will help you attract and retain quality staff. Ensuring you are chosen as a preferred employer by healthcare employees.

Ready to find out more?

Why not talk to us now? As well as managing the complexities of the program for you, our customer-focused approach to service and streamlined processes means you could be enjoying hassle-free Salary Packaging in no time.

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