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Are you able to attract the most talented staff?

Education salary packagingIt can be difficult to find and keep the right people, especially given the increasing competition for staff. Not all organisations have the budgets available to keep up with the salaries offered in the private sector, but having the edge over others is really important when you’re trying to recruit and retain quality staff.

This is where an Employee Benefits program could help. Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing is a great way to keep up in a competitive market and add extra value for your employees. Helping your employees make their pay go further can deliver benefits to both of you – and you don’t need to offer a pay rise to achieve this.

An employee benefits program could be the answer

Your employees could increase their disposable income by thousands of dollars each year by Salary Packaging or buying a car with a Novated Lease. There are a number of ways your employees can save, including:

  • paying less PAYG tax by Salary Packaging, so there’s more money left to spend on other things
  • enjoying the benefit of our national buying power to get a great deal on the purchase price of a new car with a Novated Lease
  • saving GST on most of the running costs of the car
  • paying with a combination of pre and post-tax dollars to ensure there is no FBT liability

If you’d like to offer more, we can help

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage a comprehensive Employee Benefits program. That’s where our knowledge and expertise can help.

We make Salary Packaging simple and take care of everything for you. By choosing RACV Salary Solutions to administer your Employee Benefits program you can offer these benefits at no cost and with minimal effort.

Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing together with our customer-focused service and streamlined processes will help you attract and retain quality staff and increase your recognition as a great employer.

Ready to find out more?

Why not talk to us now? We manage the complexities of the program for you, meaning you could be offering hassle-free Salary Packaging in no time.

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