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Why not help your employees get more

Corporate salary packagingIt can be difficult to attract and retain quality staff in the corporate and private sector. There’s often intense competition for high performing staff and much more potential for staff in the private sector to command large bonuses and additional rewards. It’s important to be able to compete in this market, but maybe you can’t afford the highest salaries or the biggest rewards.

Offering an Employee Benefits Program with Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing can provide extra value for your employees and help you attract and retain the quality staff you need.

An employee benefits program could help

There are a number of benefits that can be included in Salary Packaging. Many of these can already be claimed by your employees on their tax return, but Salary Packaging will bring the tax benefit forward to each pay rather than annually. But the benefit that will deliver the greatest rewards is Novated Leasing. Your employees can save thousands of dollars by purchasing a car with a Novated Lease. It’s convenient and hassle-free too.

Novated Leasing offers added value

Novated leasingWhy not help your employees increase their disposable income by thousands of dollars each year? By offering Novated Leasing you can add extra value to their salaries, so they get more without the need for a pay increase. A Novated Lease can be used for a new or used vehicle from a dealer, a private sale or auction or the sale and leaseback of an existing vehicle. Which means they don’t even need to purchase a new car to benefit. And they save money on all the running costs too.

Your business will benefit too

A Novated Lease doesn’t only add value to your employees. There are great benefits for your business too.

  • At the end of the lease, the vehicle is the responsibility of the employee – so there are no excess vehicles for you to deal with
  • If the employee leaves, the vehicle goes with them
  • Making payments on behalf of your employee means a direct expense deduction can be made (in most cases)
  • We manage everything for you and there’s nothing for you to pay

Let our knowledge and expertise benefit your business

Few businesses have the time, knowledge or resources available to manage the complexities of a comprehensive Employee Benefits Program and the required FBT compliance and reporting obligations. That’s where we can help. We make Salary Packaging simple and take care of everything for you.

By choosing RACV Salary Solutions to administer your program you can offer an attractive range of employee benefits such as Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing at no cost and with minimal effort. Meaning it’s much easier to attract and retain quality staff and increase your standing as an ‘Employer of choice’.

Ready to find out more?

Why not talk to us now? As well as managing the complexities of the program for you, our customer-focused approach to service and streamlined processes means you could be enjoying a hassle-free Employee Benefits program in no time.

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