Charity Sector

Reward your employees for the contribution they make

charity salary packagingThe charity sector makes a really important contribution to the economy, yet the need to attract and retain skilled employees is a constant challenge.

Even though a role working for a charity can be fulfilling, employees still value the additional benefits they receive for their hard work and dedication. Salary Packaging allows you to offer a competitive remuneration package without extra costs, which is why it plays such an important part in recruiting and retaining the right staff.

Employee benefits can make a difference

Salary Packaging is a great way for your employees to potentially reduce the amount of tax they pay and increase their disposable income.

Your employees could pay for expenses, such as a their living expenses or even a new car with their pre-tax salary, so their taxable income is reduced. Your employees only pay tax on what’s left of their pay, so they could potentially save thousands of dollars each year.

A wide range of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemptions and benefits are available to charity employees, which means Salary Packaging is a great way to reward and recognise your employees’ hard work, without increasing wages.

Benefits available include:

We provide knowledge and expertise to your business

Few businesses have the time, knowledge or resources available to manage the complexities of a comprehensive Employee Benefits program and the required FBT compliance and reporting obligations. That’s where we can help. We make Salary Packaging simple and take care of everything for you.

By choosing RACV Salary Solutions to administer your program you can offer an attractive range of employee benefits such as Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing at no cost and with minimal effort. Meaning it’s much easier to attract and retain quality staff and build increased recognition as an ‘Employer of choice’.

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